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Business Spotlight: Fine Line Custom Attire

One of the best parts of my job as a Realtor® is collaborating with the local businesses in my community. This month’s business spotlight is featuring Fine Line Custom Attire (FLCA).

FLCA is a business specializing in men’s and women’s custom business wear. They do not have a storefront with ready-made pieces as their process is focused on creating an experience for individuals to craft the professional wear they are looking for.  
Let me give you a quick overview of their process: 

Schedule an appointment with Kearsten Bunting. At this appointment you will:  

  • Take measurements and determine the fitment you desire.  

  • Kearsten will submit all of your selections to their production team. It generally takes 6wks to receive your items.

  • Once your items are in, Kearsten will schedule a fitting with you.  

  • You will come in for your fitting and you will determine if the fitment and overall look is what you desire. 

I personally was recommended to FLCA this past summer. I wasn’t sure what to expect but found the process of designing my pieces to be extremely fun. I was able to choose exactly what I wanted. The best part though in my opinion is they take all the measurements to get the fitment correct. Then when you come in for the fitting you are able to adjust everything to exactly how you want it, and it’s all part of the upfront cost.
If you want some awesome bespoke business wear this year, my wife Kearsten Bunting is now a district sales manager with them and would love to help you design something!
To schedule an appointment or just to learn more, contact her at:

Watch her segment on Hello Iowa, October 2023: Watch Here. (Catch her upcoming segment on Hello Iowa on January 19th).  
Me in three of my FLCA custom jackets & button down shirts:


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