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Buying A Home


Why Me?

Looking for the perfect new place? I am a life-long resident of the central Iowa area and a true market expert. With my extensive knowledge of the central Iowa real estate market, I can confidently walk you through this incredibly important purchase. My list of collaborations is long as I have focused on curating an extensive portfolio of the best home inspectors, lenders, stagers and contractors in the business. I provide a tailored experience for each one of my clients. One way I do this is by consulting with each client to share my detailed buyers guide.

Let me walk you through my formulated strategy.




When you are ready to start looking at houses it's important to know how much house you can purchase. This helps you shop for what you can afford. I have a list of loan officers my clients have worked with in the past I would be happy to provide to you.


Home Inspection

A home inspection is a deep dive into the health of the property to uncover potential problems down the road. You deserve to be fully informed on what you are purchasing, the good, the bad and the potential ugly. I have a list of inspectors my clients have worked with in the past I would be happy to provide to you.


Find Your Home

I will set you up on an automated home search specific to your wants and needs and will work my network extensively to find you the perfect property. Then the fun part- I walk you through potential homes that could be yours!



Walk Through

Within 24hrs of closing day we will do a final walk-through of the property. During this time‍ we will go through the home and ensure everything is ready for you to move in and enjoy! I will ensure everything is accounted for and you feel confident.


Submit An Offer

There is an art to creating offers that win. As a real estate professional, I have focused on refining my abilities to crafting a strong contender. Through my strong negotiation skills, I am confident I can construct an offer that brings you to closing day.


Closing Day

I prepare my clients to go to the closing table by walking them through homeowners’ insurance, required documents, closing disclosure and closing costs and ensuring all parts of the process have been completed correctly. You will feel confident in walking out with your new home keys! Congratulations!

Curious as to what you could potentially afford for a monthly home payment?

Click the link below to a free mortgage calculator. 

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