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Selling Your Home


Why Me?

Ready to sell your property? I will set you up for success by showing you how to make your home stand out from the crowd. With my guidance on how to price your home appropriately, expert marketing strategies and extensive network I will ensure your home is viewed and receives strong offers. Let me use my detailed marketing strategies to attract the right pool of potential buyers. There are many factors in play to successfully sell a property, and one of them is exposure. I leverage my extensive network to ensure my client’s listings are widely shared.

Let me walk you through my formulated strategy.


Set the Right Price

The most influential motivator of listing your home is pricing it appropriately. Proper pricing from the very beginning will expose your listing to the largest percentage of potential buyers. I will provide a Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) to show you your home’s value to help you make the best decision on listing price.


Listing Distribution

Buyers of today are utilizing online real estate platforms to discover listings. Therefore, I ensure your listing is displayed on the top online platforms. I use a proven formula of including key search words in your listing description for search engine optimization so buyers are able to easy find and view your listing.  


Organizing &


Staging your home for professional photos and buyer foot traffic is extremely important. I have a list of “Must Dos and Don’ts” I provide to my clients to help guide them. I will also walk through the property to give my expert opinion on what should be done to increase buyer appeal. 


You Got An Offer

There are many components of an offer to review before responding. I will walk you through each offer received and help you formulate rational for accepting, rejecting, or negotiating an offer. Negotiations are a normal part of the process and part of my real estate expertise.


Photos, Media &


From photos, aerial drone footage, video and more my marketing plan is multifaceted. I work with professional photographers and stagers to give my clients the best media package to attract the right buyers. My marketing approach is customized to each client as each property is unique and is showcased as such.


Closing Day

I prepare my clients for closing day by ensuring the deal stays on track and each part gets completed correctly. I am happy to aid my sellers in all aspects as they prepare to move. I have a list of moving experts used by past clients I can provide.

Curious as to what you could potentially sell your home for?

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