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Commercial Space


Why Me?

As a former project manager in the mechanical insulation industry, I understand the logistical needs of business owners and commercial space. With an extensive network in this area of real estate, I keep a pulse on the available spaces in the central Iowa area. This allows me to successfully match clients with needed commercial spaces to meet business goals.

Let me walk you through my formulated process.  


Business Goals

In order to serve my clients well I need to fully understand their business goals. During a client consultation we cover this in depth so I can help clients think through what they would need in a space to meet these goals.


Logistical Needs

I create an outline of logistical needs including total space needed, types of entrances, any need for temperature-controlled space, etc. Once I have a detailed idea of the client business goals and logistical needs, I put together a “Commercial Space Need” flyer to circulate to my network, ensuring we create a portfolio of potential options to choose from.


Market Analysis

Once I have circulated through my network, I will do a market analysis of what opportunities are currently available. This allows me to narrow down and determine what will best suit the client’s needs.

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