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Iowa State Fair 2023 - My Picks!

Iowa State Fair Fun!! A roundup of my top picks of events, foods and exhibits!

The Butter Cow

Cyclone and Hawkeye fans alike will have reason to celebrate this year when viewing the iconic butter cow! This year’s exhibit will also feature a butter sculpture of Jack Trice & Caitlin Clark.

Choose Iowa Brunch

A farm to fork 3 course brunch with ingredients from Iowa farmers prepared by Iowa top chefs. Meal will be served by FFA students and feature exclusive cocktails.

Buy Tickets Here!

Paul R. Knapp Animal Learning Center

One of my favorite buildings on the fairgrounds is the animal learning center. There are always baby animals and round the clock educational presentations. Pro tip- these are some of the nicer bathrooms on the fairgrounds and where my wife would always go to pump breastmilk when our daughter was younger.

The Avenue of Breeds

A fun row to check out as there are typically over 100 different breeds of animals found in Iowa. I always see something new.

Cowgirl Queen Contest

Back in the day my wife competed in this contest and introduced me to it when we were dating. It’s a thrilling contest highlighting the horsemanship skills of talented cowgirls around the state of Iowa.

Governors Steer Show

An annual fundraising steer show benefiting the Ronald McDonald House. Accomplished steers and their handlers are invited to participate with celebrity handlers. This year friends of ours will have a steer in the show- handler Kami Schrunk with her steer Chippy, handled by celebrity Dr. Ben Schroeder. Go Chippy!

Food on a Stick

It wouldn’t be a fair experience if you didn’t have some kind of food on a stick. While I appreciate anything sweet- such as snickers on a stick or the new Dough Crazy sweet stick featuring 8 different flavors of cookie dough balls on a stick… you can find the full list of foods on a stick here.

New Fair Food I Can’t Wait to Try

Brad & Harry’s Cheese Curds are introducing a new flavor this year – Dill Pickle flavored cheese curds and you better believe I’ll be getting me some of those!

Ned LeDoux

Hit the free stage on Wednesday, August 16 to check out Ned Ledoux. Yes, his dad is Chris LeDoux. I’m intrigued to hear his take on classic country music.


My wife and I will be at the free stage on Wednesday, August 20 to enjoy this sibling trio share their talents for gospel music. Come join us!


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