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Thanksgiving Traditions - New & Old

It’s always fun learning about other’s traditions, especially around the holidays.

Me and my family had a few, and then when my wife and I got married I learned about some of hers too!

A few old traditions I’ve continued with my own family:

GOBBLING. Yes, like gobble gobble gobble, as a turkey would say. I learned once I got married, that a huge thing in my wife’s family was to call and “gobble” one another on Thanksgiving Day. The idea is that you would randomly call each other, and when someone answers you do your best turkey impression and say “gobble gobble gobble” and then rapidly hang up. This would leave the other person wondering who it was. As you can image this was wildly more fun back in the days before caller ID and cell phones. However, it’s still something they do every year.

Macy’s Day Parade. Both my wife and I’s families grew up watching the Macy’s Day Parade. The Snoopy float is always a favorite.

A few new traditions I would like to start this year:

Making handmade place cards to set around the table. It will be fun to make each one unique to the person. Then on the inside, we will write something we are thankful for about that person. Then everyone will go around the table and read what is written on their place card.

Board games. Bringing board games back and making them cool again! I want to play a couple after dinner with the family. Our daughter is 2 ½ so I’m thinking something simple this year… Candy Land anyone?

Do you have any cool Thanksgiving traditions? If so, shoot me back an email, I’d love to hear about them!


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