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What's Really Happening With Mortgage Rates Right Now?

The first thing you should know about mortgage rates is that they are always changing!

Up and down, up and down are the directions rates go, never in a straight line. This direction is impacted by many different factors such as the economy, inflation and supply-demand.
With this being said- what are rates doing this year? Well, overall, they have come down when comparing to stats from fall of 2023. This is definitely helpful for those looking to sell or buy! Even better news is that experts are predicting the rates will continue to decrease through 2024.
However, this doesn’t necessarily mean we will see a huge drop in rates, but more of a steady decline. Still, any decline is helpful and it is expected there will be a large shift in activity in the real estate market as a result.
If you are wondering how shifts in mortgage rates could affect your real estate goals- reach out and let’s discuss!


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