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What Skills Should Your Real Estate Agent Poses- When Listing Your Home?

When selling your home, there are many factors to consider and decisions to be made. The biggest decision is who you choose to represent you and your best interests. This is very important because the seller’s agent, or “listing agent” is who will guide and advocate for you throughout the whole process. This agent should possess several skills.

Top 3 Key Skills:

They have a pulse on the current market.

As an agent in central Iowa, I keep updated on what is happening in the market to ensure I can guide sellers based on solid data. The biggest conversation is regarding pricing. Pricing your home is extremely important to draw the most and best buyers. I explain the facts, show comparable data and aid sellers in choosing a price point based on this information. Keeping current in the market by leveraging my sphere of other industry professionals also helps me to have conversations with my clients when we may have to shift direction in our strategy.

They are creative in negotiations.

Over the years I have learned multiple ways to put deals together and keep deals together. I stay calm under pressure and know that I am constantly representing my seller. My goal is always to make this time in the transaction as smooth as possible. My experience in the back and forth of negotiations takes the pressure off my sellers and allows them to trust in my ability to represent them well.

They are a skilled problem solver.

My main priority is getting your home sold. Although I try my best to eliminate any potential problems- it is not always possible and at times issues/problems do arise. When they do, I’ll be open and honest with you about it. I will guide you through solving these problems and work to get a successful outcome. I am always committed to your success and will find creative solutions to anything that may come up along the way.

A skilled and dedicated agent is the key to any successful transaction. I would love to represent you as a skilled and local expert.


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