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Thanksgiving's - Cranberry Moscow Mule

A flavorful spin on the classic Moscow mule! Make these for a fun time around the Thanksgiving table.

  1. 4oz ginger beer

  2. 4oz cranberry juice cocktail

  3. 2oz dark rum or vodka (my wife and I prefer the rum)

  4. 1tbsp lime juice

  5. Fresh or frozen cranberries for garnish

  6. Ice

  7. Cocktail shaker

  1. Bust out those copper mugs if you have them! Or any other glass will do and fill with ice.

  2. Add ginger beer, cranberry juice, rum, lime juice and ice to the cocktail shaker

  3. Shake it up!

  4. Pour into copper mugs or glasses

  5. Top with cranberries

  6. Enjoy!


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