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Why You Should Choose A Real Estate Expert (Me) To Sell Your Home

Homeowners, you have options when it comes to selling your home. You can sell it yourself “For Sale By Owner (FSBO)” or choose a real estate professional to help you sell it.

Let me tell you why you want to choose a real estate professional (me) to help you sell your home instead of going it alone.

The Market
I keep a pulse on everything happening in the central Iowa market. This includes pricing of similar homes, how long other listings have been on the market, what buyers are looking for, interest rates and more. All this information is important to know and understand when setting your home listing goals.

Pricing Is Important
Listing your home at the right price is the most important part of the process. How sellers’ price their home determines the pool of interested buyers and the exposure your listing will get. I will always be honest about where the market currently is and where you should price your home based on how it compares to other listings in your area.

Marketing Strategies
Getting professional photos, creating informational flyers, generating social media posts, and highlighting home features through video are all standard marketing tactics for real estate professionals. I take pride in creating a cohesive and professional package for my sellers to present your property in the best light possible, attracting potential buyers.

Networking For Exposure
Real estate agents have several avenues of generating activity for your listing. I utilize my extensive network of fellow realtor colleagues, the Multiple Service Listing (MLS) database and my contacts to ensure your listing gains maximum exposure. The relationships I have cultivated almost always provide a legitimate buyer for my sellers.

Understanding The Details
Each industry has its own language. Real estate specifically has many terms and conditions that you will want a professional to decipher and explain. It is my duty as an industry expert to make sure my clients understand the entire process, including the many legal documents that come with such a large transaction.

The Art Of Negotiating
To successfully negotiate, you first need to understand what is normal and what is not. One of my strengths as a realtor is negotiations. I have learned how to be creative when putting deals together and can confidently advise my sellers on how to respond to buyers’ requests.

Bottom Line
This is most likely the largest financial transaction for a homeowner. Every dollar matters and selling can be stressful. It is a large process with many parties involved. Therefore, it is worth using a professional who can take the burden off of you and act as your advocate. I will ensure you are fairly represented and protected as I guide you in today’s market.


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